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Pen and ink drawings

Drawn using ink on paper.

lady head drawing

One of my favorite past time.

I draw kids in costume, and characters.

Find the development of my illustration at my illustration blog at< and those drawings are uploaded at my flickr account.

"Happiness is like a must share it to enjoy it."

Man in a bicycle Bridges of the world entry - chicken Achilles Greek warrior Girl with running nose Clown Marlon Brando as Godfather Viking Pig What I wore today Haenyeo Korean divers World Cup Soccer Girl with a baloon Astronaut Girl with a baloon Eskimo Batman boy with a guitar Lady walking Japanese and Alien Tarzan Me and my haircut Boy in the MTR Bike rider in Tin Shui Wai Moses Cecille Batman boy playing top Chloe Buddy wearing skull mask Ping Pong player Woman Worshipping Lone Wolf and Cub Astronaut in space my sketchbook -kids devil Hairless Gorilla Gorilla Laughing Batman kid Wendy Batman Kid Falling Batman Kid Falling Blue girl Batman Kid

Feel free to share any of these drawings, please link back to my site if possible.

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