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Old 2006 thewipe website

I still wanted to look at my old web site, and see how web has develop, checking some of the old favorite links. I remember I needed to slice full composite image to small pieces using Image Ready and export to html. It was different then.

capture of thewipe's old site

The moment I had a connection to the internet I started to create my website , My very first website was created at geocities which is called "Light in a box".

What's my goal for 2006 version of the wipe dot com.

Ever since its been a showcase of my works , So the navigation is on the right with all the links to my works and just right below are my favorite links of friend's website and links to my favorite bands , artist, etc. it was a heavy website in terms of bandwidth since from top to bottom is all jpgs and that was the time when the speed of the internet is considerably slow.

Visit the site : 2006 version. Note that links may not work anymore.

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