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MTV 2d animation: Lullabies

Tim Walker 2011 Album release music video.

First concept art for the mtv -with character

Children, character, bunny ears, love story, chicken leg, dragon, dreaming, a girlfriend and a lullaby.There were so much character in Tim Walker's music that I like, that makes me fit the characters I created. It is like a question which inspired me first the character of the music or my drawing this is like a never ending loop where both are right. I never get bored when I listen to Tim's music ,While the bunny like character makes me want to create more drawings, doodles and ideas to create the world for this music video. It was fun .


Music by Tim Walker Animated and Directed by Justo Cascante III Extra Background coloring by Fanny Wai Big thanks to friends whose encouragement and help brought our debut mtv to life:Jack Leung, Charly Cheung, Xiukwok Chan and Wolf Ga-vin, Alex Dukal’s photoshop brushes were used.

characters head

mtv 2d animation

cartoon character for music tv

mtv character

character design

lullabies mtv animation

2d animation

music tv animation

the making of mtv

Most of the renders shown are not finals and mostly test phase. Extra credit to "D'art specialist" for the concept design.

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