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3d, MTV, animation, Illustration and sfx make-up...

Professional 3d modelling, 3d animation, and visual effects.

rubiks cube

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" -Eleonor Roosevelt

3d Curiosity rover

Curiosity rover


Self initiated 3d model project.

3d Minicooper

3d Minicooper


Minicooper was supplied for a Sony TVC

3d Cloud

3d Cloud


Without smoke footages I use this 3d generated cloud in some of my vfx shots

3d Tai-O houses

Tai O 3d model


3d houses were made for a Micro movie for Micro film factory trailer.

architectural sculptural 3d design



For 3d prototyping and 3d printing. I supply 3d renders for architectural design for presentation and as an aid for builders and client presentations.

Fluid fx maya

Fluid fx


Fluid fx sample that you can download for free.

free 3d model bolt nut

Free 3d model


Free 3d model that you can download.

Fumefx sample

Fume fx test


Fire and smoke simulated by fumefx.

2d animation MTV



MTV 2d animation created for Tim Walker.

Legend of Zu SFX

The Legend of Zu


Exploding face effects

makeup specialeffects

Special FX Make-up


Some of my favorite make-up fx work

hong kong airport

Photo snapshots


Some of my snapshots

Dreamscape for 3dsmax

3d Sea


3dsmax Dreamscape 3d sea.

3d dragon

3d dragon


3d dragon for a tv series.

3d stormy ocean

3d Ocean


3d ocean for Blackmask3 movie.

Chinastar 3d Movie Logo

Chinastar 3d Logo


Animated 3d logo.


Pen Illustration


Pen and ink illustration

Time and tide effects

TIme and tide movie


Time and tide movie effects.

Left and right visual effects

Left and Right effects


Left and Right movie effects.


About Me

My name is Justo Cascante III. I'm a multidisciplinary artist based in Hong Kong, This is where I keep my old and new favorite works. I love illustrations, 2d and 3d animations; Im a vfx 3d generalist my past work mostly on particle dynamics, 3d water, 3d sea, smokes etc. I was trained in my early years as a sculptor from my experience as vfx make-up artist.

My paintings and more drawings at

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Handmade full of love ♥ by thewipe. All images are under copyright of and respective company whom I supplied the projects.

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